Why Panacea?

  • Gentle approach
  • Result-oriented practice
  • Certified acupuncturist
  • Physician with over 12 years of experience
  • Practice in both Eastern & Western medicine
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Patients love us because our hard work gets you results.

Dr. Elena

Panacea's Story

Dr. Elena has been in the medical field since 1998. She holds a Medical Diploma and was trained as an Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Russia. Dr. Elena is a licensed acupuncturist and graduated from Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine located in Los Angeles California. Her western medical background and work experience for 12 years helped her to combine Eastern and Western medicine to provide best possible care for my patients. My western medical background and my work experience for 12 years help me to assemble Eastern and Western medicine together for performing a good care for my patients.

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